Shopping for gear :)

My pressure suit seems to end it's life, so im looking for a new one...

I had a UFO pressure suit which i loved.

Now im temporarly staying at Clearwater, FL (Between Clearwater and Tampa). I need some recommendations for pressure suits (i like em better the chest protectors)

and two more things:

1. websites where i can buy em from (i know denniskirk which are great and mxsouth) if you have any other ide like to hear bout em

2. second of all if you know any place i can try out the suits, see what size i am and which one feels the best, im looking for a shop in this area i can try em out and see diffrent brands... I didn't have any luck finding a shop here, maybe cuz i don't know how to look... tried to google bike shops, but every one I called were either harly or road bikes... none had dirt gear...

Thanks guys,


what is this "pressuere suit" you speak of?

Check the product review section on TT's main forum page. There are a few reviews there. It seems that they reviewer's are pretty fond of the Rock Garden stuff.

id check ebay... ive seen the 661 pressure suits on there for a great price. i too would like to try one on before purchasing. maybe a bicycle shop? I know people use them for downhill mountain biking...just a thought

Acerbis Koerta would be my choice


I Love All Sixsixone's Gear Their Suits Are Top Notch. You Check Them Out At Least, Befor Buying Anything. I Have The Core Saver And The Evs Bj22. Wish I Would Have Waited To Get Sixsixone's Comp Suit... Good Luck

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