clutch issues klx 300r

hi i think my clutch friction plates are getting bad because when im just riding around and decide to give it to her she will rev up then slowly start to accelerate this happens mostly right after i shift a gear and give it gas again...

im pretty shure this is my clutch but which part of my clutch should i replace? do i just replace the friction plates or do i replace everything like all the trust washers the friction plates the metal spacer plates the springs and that or just the friction plates? and is there any company that makes aftermarket friction plates? and would the fact that i use mineral oil in the base cauese the friction plates to wear out quicker...

Have you tried to adjust the clutch cable and lever play to spec? If not, give it a try first (just in case).

I just rebuilt my clutch (2001 KLX 300 w/ moderate trial use). I replaced only the friction plates and the springs, nothing else.

I bought aftermarket friction plates and springs from RMATV. Read my post regarding thickness of clutch stack as well, and note the Judder Spring issue because if you put it in backwards, the clutch will not work properly.

Use a file to remove sharp or scored surfaces where the plates need to slide back and forth in the basket. Whether you drill out your inner basket the way I did is up to you (see my post for more detail and a few pics).

I finished my rebuild this weekend, and rode about 50 miles today at Rampart Range in Colorado (easy to difficult). The new clutch worked GREAT. Well worth doing it yourself.

Regarding mineral oil, I've never heard of someone doing that. Not sure why you would. I use regular dino oil, and it works just fine.

I would suggest you check the spacer plates for warpage if you don't replace them.

WOAH!!! thats alot of good info there ram thanks a million... how do i adjust the clutch lever and play to spec? because i have a new cable to but on and im not shure how to adjust it

Thanks for the link to the manual. I have looked for this for months. You are THE man!!!

The manual was always available at the dealer. It's the first thing I buy when I get a "new" bike.

It's amazing that these sites get away with posting Copyrighted material.

If you have too. After replacing the clutch I would recommend using the proper oil designed for that motorcycle engine. They contain special additives that prolong transmission life. and no friction modifiers for wet clutches. I've always used 10/40 Amsoil Synthetic motorcycle oil since the bike was new. But there are allot of other brands on the market. Go Green :thumbsup:

KLXD, I'm trying to catch any of these with the repair manual link that I've posted and have them removed.

Below is a modified repost of my 10/16/2008 post (but without the repair manual link). Will ask UD_Luz (Admin) to delete the original 10/16 post with the link to maintain the integrity of the TT board. I've had this conversation with Bill_P in another thread, and prefer to proactively rectify my . . . misjudgement. :thumbsup:

Feel free to PM me if you find others that I've posted and I'll have them removed.

FYI: I'm not the one who uploaded and scanned the original to this link. Its burried in the TT archives somewhere, and I've been passing it along, but have quit doing so.



10/16/2008 Post:

Get a repair manual, and look up the clutch lever adjustment info. I can't remember, but the idea is to have something like (don't quote me) 8mm - 18mm of free play at the clutch lever and you can lengthen or shorten the center cable adjustment to get there. I can't remember exactly which chapter its in.

Also, I just looked it up and my previous post was incorrect about where I ordered the clutch kit. I ordered the EBC clutch kit Part No. CK4469 (ONLY the friction plates - no springs) from the TT aftermarket parts guys. It was around $55 when I purchased them. The springs (part No. CSK1) were also EBC brand (around $9). I would suggest you search the net with these part numbers and try to find these parts on closeout or at a lesser price.

But the TT store seems to do a good job w/ prices as well.

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