FCR vs TM40

Ok guys a little guidance here, or at least a popularity vote. I want to change the carb, and pipe on my 08' DR650, and after reading numerous posts I am no clearer on which carb is the best choice. I am not going to bother rejetting the stock carb, because the results I'm reading about seem to indicate that a complete carb upgrade far outperforms the re-jet. Just to clarify I am doing the airbox mod, and installing a twinair hi flow filter, and either a staintune, or supertrapp exhaust (unless anybody has a better choice???). The bike is undergoing a supermotard conversion, so it will be driven more on road than off if that makes a difference???

So far when I have asked very specific questions, the info you folks provide has been right on the money.

So let the voting begin:worthy:

I went with the TM 40. It was plug and play. I have the airbox mod with the twin air and the gsxr 1000 exhaust. The DR ran so much better than stock.

The only thing I had to do was drop the needle down 1 notch to get better fuel economy. I was getting a little over 40 mpg and expect that to increase now. I'll let you know when I fill up in a few days what the outcome is.

Personally I am leaning towards the TM. It seems like a relatively trouble free carb, and I haven't heard of anybody that doesn't get outstanding results. I have read somewhere that the FCR can be a bit fussy, and requires more regular attention. I may be mistaken on this so don't quote me.

Both will basically give you the same end result. The TM40 is definitely going to be the easier install as the ProCycle kit comes with everything you need to get up and running. If you're lucky and mechanically inclined, you might be able to do the FCR swap a bit cheaper, but you will certainly spend more time looking for parts and modding the carb. The only basic difference between the carbs is that the FCR has the coast enricher which helps eliminate decel popping. Either way, you can't lose.

I assume that the decel popping doesn't hurt anything?

nah, just can be annoying & scares the fish & game

If I'm decelerating in water deep enough that the "popping" scares the fish I have other worries more serious than a carb...... all jokes aside I get your point about wildlife.

TM40 because I already had a HSR40 which is the Harley version. Even used the Harley adapter sleeve to fit the DR manifold. Changed the MJ to a 127.5, everything else is the same. Even uses the stock choke and cables. Terrific performance and 60 mpg over several tank fulls. I'm sure I could average less if I tried;-)

Which Harley carb are we referring to here? I have one from the Fat Boy (1340) out on the shelf and often wondered if there was a way...

Which Harley carb are we referring to here? I have one from the Fat Boy (1340) out on the shelf and often wondered if there was a way...


same carb just different model # for harley

Fcr works awesome for this bike!!!! :D

anyone actually tried both carbs?

anyone actually tried both carbs?

not me.

I bought the TM40 because it's cheaper.

I asked eddie why he would choose the fcr instead & he said the difference is that the FCR has more tuning options (multiple needle taper options, different leak down jet options & the FCR-MX has an enricher circuit to help with the popping on decel).

a well set up carb of either type would have no performance advantage over the other.

Okay! the TM sounds like it would be the one for me then, haven't ever done anything with a carb, so i wouldnt bee able too use.. handle... doo.. ? the extra adjustments :worthy:

enricher.. sure would be nice, but not as nice as getting a carb all set up by someone who knows what he's doing :D

The TM is more friendly user,just bolt it on and go.For me the FCR was the way to go.Had the air box sleeve made for free and the parts where easy to get.

So what it looks like to me is that if you are racing, or travelling to various altitude riding areas, that an FCR might be the way to go with all of it's adjustability. If you want to set it and forget it.....the TM40 is your carb of choice. Either way they are a huge improvement over stock.

I went with the FCR since MX Rob came out with a plug and play kit.

Had zero issues and knew I wouldn't because I have four 39mm flatslides on my v-max and have for two years now with no issues whatsoever except much more midrange and less gas mileage but I'm not complaining. lol

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