CRF vs XR for dual purpose

I'm looking for a potent dirt bike, yet be able to make it street legal. Does anyone know the torque and weight difference between a CRF X and a XR R


I don't know about torque but thay feel about 35lbs different.

What would you say is the biggest difference?

Pound for pound the 450X is lighter. And it feels it. And it has electric start.

The 650R has more torque. There isn't a mainstream dirtbike in production that has as much bottom end torque as the 650R. But you pay for it with weight.

If dualsporting them, the 650R will be way more comfortable at speeds of 75mph+ than the X. Not that the X can't do it, it can, but it is just not as "comfy" as the R when pounding pavement.

It depends what is most important to you. I ride 450X's all the time as most of my friends and family have them. But I still keep my 650R because I am willing to put up with the weight to have that kind of power at my disposal.

It may be tough, but you really need to find an example of each to take for a short spin to decide which way to go is better for you. Most people will ride both and then go with the X. The lower weight and the "button" usually wins over the power and girth every time!

An XR650R would be a handful if you plan to ride it the woods of the eastern United States.

for street use the XR is a better choice. for dirt use the 450X is a better choice. (40+ pounds lighter is a big difference)

the XR will take less to maintain, and in the long run cost you less to operate.

the 450X is an amazing machine that will provide you with endless fun.

I am lucky enough to be able to have both, so I don't have to choose.:D

Thanks for all the advice, how much more maintenance is the 450 X over the 650 R

Do you have run high octane gas for the 450 X

Thanks for all the advice, how much more maintenance is the 450 X over the 650 R

Do you have run high octane gas for the 450 X



- slower revving engine

- power curve starts at idle and stops early (compared to an X)

- you can literally ride it in any gear if you want

- top heavy, wide

- stock carb is NOT friendly when dropped, cold weather, rapid WOT

- very, very low maintenence top end

- holds a good amount of engine/tranny oil (infrequent oil changes)

- limited suspension, unless you add cubic dollars (for intense off-road


- incredibly fun at less-than-race speed in the tight stuff

- incredibly stable at race speeds in the wide open stuff

- extremely not fun if dropped on a steep hill !


- very, very quick reving engine (compared to an XR)

- can be made incredibly fast for relatively low dollars (R parts, uncork)

- Exceptional suspension, with plenty of room for growth

- tiny engine oil capacity (under 700cc) requiring more frequent changing

- more highly stressed top end (if treating well, is pretty reliable)

- top end can be abused more easily, resulting in more frequent top end

service. This can mostly be avoided by maintenence and not hitting the rev

limiter (ever).

- did I mention the incredible suspension?

- a joyful motor to behold: amazing throttle response and power

- very wide range of tuning options for the motor (monster torque, to


- stiff and uncomfortable for extended street riding

I've had both. I sold the XR.

Last post somes it all very well. You just need to be honest with yourself on what you want to do.

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