'98 XR400 vs. 2000 WR400 ?

SO, I have a modded XR400 (that I paid $2500 for) in current dual sport trim. I have a top speed of around 93 mph with 16/45 gearing and I get there quite quickly. I have the opportunity of purchasing a WR400 that has been dual sported for $2700. So, even though I like my XR and it works for me, I am always looking to upgrade. My question is, is the WR400 a significant upgrade? Will it be more exciting or reliable? Also, I understand the WR makes more HP, but how much torque does it have in comparison to the XR4?

That price is way too high as well. I've seen plenty of those year models goin' for $1500

Well, I will say since plating dirtbikes is now impossible in my state, any bike thats already plated is worth a small fortune. Hell, even older DRZ400's bring $3500 if street legal.

My XR is pretty cool...

I have XR600r and XR400r(recently bought)-so the answer is-keep the XR...Indestructible bike.:D

I have had a stock XR400 and a 440, both dual sported. They were great bikes, but no better or worse than my WR400, also dual sported, just different. If possible, ride a WR and see if you like it or not.

Yanni......My WR starts 1-2 kicks cold, 1 kick hot, no more difficult than an XR.

From my experience your XR400 will be the most reliable. My 97 XR400 has never left me stranded.

They light up just fine. It's just gettin' the kicker to the right place on the WR that makes it a pain in the butt. When the YZ/WR400 first came out, there was a rash of broken kickstart levers layin' around everywhere. Mainly on the MX track. :D

Do it right and it's one of the easiest to start bikes ever. Done wrong -pain and suffering. I've heard the same about the XR400.

Both bikes can be easy to start or very hard depending on the person, I have an xr 600, often ride a 400 and have had a wr 400, the procedure is actually harder on the 400 and 600 becasue you have to kick the kick starter to a very low position to get it to light. the wr once the decomp trick is mastered, about 1 ride, is much easier because the beast will light after about 4-6 inchs of starter travel vs 10-12 on the xr.

The wr is a bit more modern and a touch more power, but not worth the trade up( if you can call it that) the reliability of the xr vs the wr is a nonissue unless you are talking to a "red" lemming, honda lover.

Don't do it, bikes to similar, save money and get newer then turn the xr into a hooligan bike.

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