CRF 250 Rear sprocket size?

Does anyone know what the smallest rear sprocket that can be used on the 250X without replacing the chain? I believe my stock sprocket is 53T.

Just picked up some 17" wheels and I am looking to reduce the rpms on the pavement without having to replace the chain or front sprocket when converting from dirt.

Appreciate the help...

Depending on where your chain adjustment is at, you may not be able to use a smaller sprocket at all if its already adjusted too far back in the blocks, i managed to go from a 53 to a 50 useing both extremes of the adjustment in the blocks. I have just put a 47 on the back (14 on front), and had to knock a couple of links out to get it up the front of the blocks. if you have a good chain you can use a 44 (or whatever size you want) tooth sprocket on the rear and use 2 joining links to add the length back in for the dirt tyres, not the ideal way to do things but if you're on a tight budget its a start.

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