supermotards in florida

hey im in central florida and just picked up a drz400sm and was wondering if any one is around this area and would like to get together and hit some corners.

Where are there corners in florida other than exit ramps??

i live in brooksville and i have alot of nice s turns up here. i do a 100mile ride everyday filled with corners to drag a knee on lol. but yes off ramps are fun too....more fun in my 350z though.

Like the new headlight setup on the bike.:D

umm do i kno you lol? i havent had the new headlight on the bike but 1 day lol. did u go to WFO an see it?

Yep, WFO is my 2nd home, Bill thought it looked pretty cool also. There's pics of my son Jake there #719.

lol ok then honestly cant put a face to it :-p but thanks. so u got a SM? and next time ur there and see me say hello so i know who im talking to

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