Hard starting - 505XC-F

Hi guys,

I would like to hear your suggestions on how to improve cold starting...

My new bike is really hard to start when cold, in fact both times I've had her out since I received it a few days ago I ran the battery down trying to start and had to boost with the car battery !

My JD Kit is on the way, I don't know if this will help, it cetainly can't hurt ...

The Jet Kit 'seemed' to help with cold starting on my CRF450X ...

Once she's warmed up, the bike starts Okay, except when she's really hot (short time between starts) she can be a little finicky.

A couple of throttle shots before engaging the button seems to help with hot starting ...

HELP !!! :D:worthy::ride:

Andrew, it could partly be the new motor, mine was extremely tight the first 10 hrs. I havn't experienced any starting issues even at 30 degrees. But I do give a few twists of the throttle and use the choke when it's cold, and use the hot start lever when hot. I also use a battery tender the day before a ride. If your battery is good, I would imagine the jetting would be the issue. My jetting is bone stock I'm at 3300 ft. and I run a CR9EIX plug. You'll get it dialed.:D

i use a battery tender just to be safe, they come with a set of wires you can attach to your battery then just "plug in" when you want a trickle charge. I have mine under the airbox cover as it snaps off. That will keep your battery maintained well while you sort this out. I just pull the choke and don't give any throttle. When hot she starts easier in neutral and don't forget the hot start leaver, again, no throttle until she catches. Don't remember any starting issues execpt when my buddy was being considerate and turned my gas off when he loaded my bike in the trailer and didn't bother telling me. Ran the battery down and had to get pull started. At 80 plus hours she fires right up every time so hopefully it's just a new tight engine and will get better soon.

Thanks !

I just ordered up a battery tender from the local shop, ...

The JD Kit comes in next week ! I should get through the break-in hours over the next few days ...

I shall not give up !!!!!!!

Put the JD kit in and those worries are gone !!

Turn on gas, pull choke, lean bike over until gas runs out, two full twists of the grip. This has worked on my 505 everytime, even in cold wheather.

Try a CR9EIX plug ,it'll make a big difference all around.

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