2007 Rmz 250

While riding the past monday,my 2007 Rmz 250 began to stop shifting. It was stuck in second gear. After Moving a lil farther it shifted to third. And the began grinding. Third gear seemed fine before.

My question is, What would cause the shifter to stop moving? Has the gearshift linkage ever been a problem with anyoneelse?

Let me know. Thanks

could it be the clutch?

perhaps the plates are worn

how often do you change the oil lol?

the plates are notorious for braking on the 07s. if thats the case you will have to split the cases.

The 07's are known to have shifting issues. Best way to remedy this is to split cases, make sure nothing failed, completely clean everything and replace anything thats out of spec or is worn. Replace the plates, detent spring and.. I cant remember? with all the 08' parts. Its also a good time since your spliting cases to take care of any other matinance that should oe needs to be done.. (cam chain, guides, valves, piston ect...)

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