Buddy Bike

Paul,Bill, and other contributers...

Finally got rid of the Kawasaki and Picked up the YZ400F , The E-series you provided fit perfectly...Added new Seal Savers, Flatland Radiator Guards, Completely lubed all the bearings yesterday and am rebuilding the carb (The Jetting was way off) tonight, and Have a set of Renthal Fat Bars waiting to go on...This is gonna make a great BUDDY BIKE....

Now My signature is gonna grow for sure...

SORRY...About the Camelbacks in the picture....I just noticed them...Oh Well....

Thanks again,




Bonzai :)

[ June 23, 2002: Message edited by: YAMAKAZE ]

Is it just me, or is anyone else wondering where Yamakaze gets all the money for this cool stuff?

You even supply a decent tire for your buddy bike.

I've finally come to a realization.....

my buddys suck! :)

Alright, when do I get to come out and do a little ridding with you? I hope my old WB will still remember me! :):D:D

Very cool!

Damn,I gotta get me some buddies like this :) ...............

Dodger :D:D

I'll be your buddy anytime, just not your butt buddy.... :)

Can you explain what that "bike stand" is. Never seen one like that..


I would be happy with YAMAKZE's trailer... :):D let alone the whole buddy thing...

If you ever make it downunder, come and be my buddy... (and bring that trailer!!)

BTW, that chain looks a little rusty... :D:D


Camelbacks in your pic, what about your signature :) I'm telling Mike :D

Does your post mean to come on down and ride. Baltimore to Atlanta, ain't that far :D

My son's discovered girls and has given up bikes. I have his KDX and have been thinking buddy bike, down on a street bike, more mods for my bike, a baby brother (250f)............

Bill :D

HOly Sh***

What a trailer set up.


Sorry, Kaze. It was just a little joke, but it looks like you may get lots of visitors soon, wanted or not.

Should I bring my sleeping bag for the barn?

What day are we all planning to show up at his house?

BTW, Kaze, what was your address????

I hope he puts a seat and tank on the thing before you guys all try and ride the thing... or is that the deal? Bring an aftermarket tank and a new gripper seat and you can ride it... LOL


Ssshhhhhh! Don't put ideas in his head.

Thanks Yamaha-dude.....I found a complete YZ seat at Motosports Outlet with gripper cover for $89.00, going to order it this Friday...... I was already thinking new tank, but have opted to order a new set of Graphics from CEET instead.

Bonzai :)

Bonzai, why do you want to replace the gas tank? Are you trying to make it a WR? The YZF tank holds plenty of gas...for the type of riding you do.

I was thinking about replacing the tank for cosmetic reasons only. One of "Cycle Stupids" Stellar Parts Monkeys had been riding the bike on the weekends for the last couple of months, and was lets just say extreamely Un-Coordinated and spent much time on the ground, Thus the new Handlebars.....The tank has several large scratches in the left side. I think I can sand them out to a point that I can get a good set of graphics on.

When I picked up the bike it was a nightmare...All the bearings were DRY, the Air Filter was ruined, The jetting was a complete abortion. I spent the entire weekend servicing and replacing defective items. Tonight I'll finish with the jetting by adding an EKN needle. I may have to break down and purchace a P-38 Lightning if I cannot get a "Fast Open Throttle BOG" cured with the EKN. I test rode it again last night.....It's now almost perfect...Gotta save a few more expense checks so that I can have MXTUNER do a set of Gold Valves in the Front Forks. The rear shock seems ok, I set the SAG and tested it...Felt pretty good.

I was running out of things to do to my WR so this will be a good project for awhile.

Bonzai :)

[ June 26, 2002: Message edited by: YAMAKAZE ]

Bill, talk to Mark about the bog, he may be able to fix with a modified BK or MXTuner mod....

Bill, also I was thinking about my 99YZF..if you have not cleaned yet....take the accellerator pump apart to clean as that year it is notorious for dirt & grime to sludge up the pump, under the rubber boot. I fixed mine by silconing the heck out of the top & bottom of the rubber boot.

Been There...Done ALL that....

Bonzai :)

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