1969 Honda SL90

I bought a Honda SL90 off ebay but am now looking for a good engine for it. I believe that the engine is the same as the S90 and CL90, 4 speed, manual clutch engine. I don't know if the original engine is restorable so I am looking for a good engine or a donor engine as the original is missing some parts like points cover and points and backing plate for sure. The engine has a 3 mount engine case. The Chinese engines are all based off the 2 engine mount case from the 50 & 70cc engines. So they are not a option unless someone makes a 3 mount replacement engine.

Please PM me if you have a engine or post suggestions here.



Dwight, I think you are right in the engines being the same as you described above. best bet, as you know, is flea bay... and or craigslist? I find alot of old parts bikes there.

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