I've subscribed to this thread today. Since I've owned a '07 KLX 250S since March '07 I have been web surfing trying to find others with a bike like mine. It appears that I'm the only one to have one in the area I ride in. Bristol Va, just across the state line from Bristol Tn [for any NASCAR Fans here].

Theres a few , mostly 4-wheeler, trails here that I've found so far. I've been doing a few modifications to my bike lately and I think thats one reason the KLX is such an interesting FUN one to own. Ride it, tinker with it, enjoy the differences, and fine tune it to personal preference.

Thanks for you time and all of the members & staff Of TT for your experiences, knowledge and providing a place for me to hang out.

g'day and welcome, also check out www.kawasakiforums.com in the KLX250s forum

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