BAD NEWS for WR450F....

Fell for the troll....hook, line and sinker. :)

Ego, if you are out there, set that troll afire. Flame flame flame.

It is funny how often you guys fall for this!

O.K. let me run something by you guys, would you rather have Yamaha release the WR when they feel its ready, or do like Honda has done with the CRF 450. Then have all the problems the 02 and 03 have had. Also remember the 97 & 98 CR250 with the new aluminum frame, they did't get that right until 2001. At least yamaha tries to get it right the first time. Look at the 98 WR 400 that is still one of the best four strokes made, and that was their first try! So if what you say is true, I would rather they make sure its right the first time, and I'am willing to wait for it.

Wish it were a bad dream. I sold my ATK 250 last week planning to ride a WR450 in 2 weeks in the Hattiesburg, Mississippi Enduro. :) Talked to my dealer again today he said he would get confirmation on Monday from Yamaha. He offered invoice price on a YZ250F, which makes me believe he believes its gonna be a long time before he gets a WR450.... Sputter, Do you ride with 19" rear or did you change it to 18". Also, how much for tank? Flywheel? Do you ride stock seat? ... Blackie, that is my concern too, is the 250F enough power for me.

'Bama rider,

I use the stock 19 inch rear - I raced my KX250 for years in hare scrambles and never had a problem with the 19" having flats -but I use enduro tubes. Maybe it would be more of an issue in desert or rocky areas but frankly I can't tell any difference between the tire sizes. I use the stock seat - I know others have said it is too hard (thin?) but I don't have a problem with it either. My KDX has a softer deeper foam and I like the YZ's harder feel better -its easier to move around on. I've always found Clarke to be a good tank that isn't overpriced, but I don't know if they have one yet for the '03. I would reconsider the flywheel until you're sure you need it, my 03 has no tendency to stall at all - it stalls like a KDX - very rarely and it hooks up without wheelspin - this bike is not like a 2-stroke 250 or YZ450 - it hooks up solid and smooth. Hope that helps. :)

Just got back from the bike show where I got see the WR450F WOW! I want mine now! I talked to the yamaha rep he had not heard of any delays.Production stated in dec. bikes should start ariving by the end of jan. or first part of feb.

We have 2 WR450F in the KGM truck on the way from seattle. :):D :D :D

I have not heard of any recalls or production delays.

i haven't heard of any recall's either and neither has 3 of the yamaha dealers i talked too. i am guessing whoever started this was just putting [censored] in peoples heads as a joke !! is there any truth too this i doubt it !!


:D :D :D:):D :D :D :D :D :mad

we will all know the truth tomorrow!!!!!!!! Bring on the wr450 Yamaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I may call this number tomorrow.

USA Customer Relations (800) 962-7926

i want my WR like yesterday !! damn at this rate i'm gonna forget how to ride !!

yah , i bet his dumb ass dealer forgot to order wr450's in the first place and this is his excuse for the long delivery . :)

thats why they build prototypes in the first place isn't it ?

When is the last time Yamaha had a recall??? I can't think of one... Oh ya, the Tri-Moto. LOL. :)

Yamaha had a recall in 2001 on YZ 2 smokes, years like 1997-2001 models. The problem was the cable wheel in the throttle housing was causing the cable to fray and cause the throttle to stick in some cases, or just break.

I hope Mole is right and my dealer forgot to order a WR450F so he made up this story ... but I doubt it! We will find out for sure this week. For me, I am looking elsewhere for a bike to ride this season. Yamaha knows they are better off to keep you waiting than tell you they won't make delivery. As long as you are waiting, you won't buy something else.... Sputter, if you were buying today for woods riding, would you buy an 03 WR250F or YZ250F ?

i believe the WR is still a wet sump.(whitch ever one has the oil in the frame still. So that would mean more oil then the YZ. Is this a correct statement. If so there should be no problems with the oil capasity. But i am usually wrong.

Chris L.

I just talked to yamaha usa at 1-800-962-7926 and they said there is no recall and no production hold and they are coming this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can't wait to throw a leg over a new 450!!!!!! :)

but then again, we've all heard that before.

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