BAD NEWS for WR450F....

If your dealer is telling you he ordered a WR at the show and he didn't have the option of picking a delivery date he is not on the up and up with you. I have talked to three dealers around my state and they all backed up my dealers statement about January being the first available del. on the WR. 'Bama rider, good choice on the YZF now you'll have a real dirt bike. You would have saved money with the Wr 250f by the time you get your YZ enduro ready though.


With all the money in my 2002 WR426! Theres nothing at this time that can beat it. It starts easy has all the trick mods, I'm not trading it on a wr450 that has possible engine problems!!! Clutch problems? Remember its the rider not the BIKE!!! Keep your wr426

Oh now we have possible engine problems? Give me a break!!! Amazing how the BS gets started. :)

WR250fFLA is correct. Some dealers didn't want inventories in Jan/Feb so they requested March deliveries when demand was up and bikes could be sold faster. In some cases the manufacturers forced earlier deliveries onto the dealers so that tne manufacturers could make longer production runs and not hold bike in their inventories.

This whole thread looks like a game of "telephone," only the original message was a joke.

Come on already :)

The same crap started on the yz board when the 450 was just about to start trickling into dealers. I remember reading all the exact same BS about a week before I got my 450.

in your first thread you said your dealer told you not to expect a 450 anytime soon due to a recall , now you say the dealer told you march delivery . is it just me or is your fairy tale beginning to unravel ? maybe an xr400 is more your speed . lol

Now HOW could that be? Southerners can't tell a lie, remember? :D

Hey 'bama, where'd you go? :)

SMD... It's spelled "Clinton". He was an Ivy Leaguer at heart, he never carried the South, thats why he lost..

ekemner... I am as curious as you are but note MotoRod's dealer is telling him the same thing..... Cyclenut, yea I've ridden RED a long time, they are extremely reliable, and of excellent quality... I also own a Yamaha "Saltwater Series" outboard. It is of the best quality as well, maybe I'll take mole1 50 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico for a short ride.... Honda has not met my needs for a lightweight, high performance offroad machine, so I am looking at Blue ... WR250FLA, yea, you are right. I called Baja Designs today and got prices on converting YZ to WR.. lighting coil kit $465 - lights and harness $200. new tank - $200.. kickstand and spark arrestor $100.... almost a $1,000 and alot of time... Now I am back to waiting on the WR, but it will be a 250F... if I get tired of waiting, I may just get another ATK 250, which is the best 2-stroke woods bike made... I bet that'll get a response.

I may just get another ATK 250, which is the best 2-stroke woods bike made

I’ve heard a lot of good things about ATK, I’m sure you would like it.

The KDX220 I bought for the kids last year is an excellent 2 stroke woods bike too (IMO).

My 96 ATK 250 was the most reliable 2-stroke ever. I never once had to have the engine worked on. That Rotax is unbreakable. The newer models come with Paoli forks. I rode one Saturday and it handled like a dream. You could putt around in 2nd gear, and it wouldn't stall, then hit it hard and it would rip. If I were buying a 2-stroke, that would be it..... Can anyone tell me what the "real" weight of the WR450 is? Before you answer. check the WR250F postings. They are reporting weights much higher than published.

ekemner, These are quotes from the YZ250 thread...

"WR250F, BUT and now the sad part ! It is HEAVY , full of gas 267.5 Lbs !- Porky" ..... and from abzlemansz "for the WR250F, Trail Bike Magazine in the UK weighed one full of fuel at 129 kg, 283 lbs. They were not too impressed." ...

AND from RAKO about the WR450, "WR 45O ,With full tank =276,3 lbs ( checked on an accurate scale) RakO"

Only Yamaha knows for sure.

I guess Hondas and ATKs are superior machines. :D

I think the Honda and Exotic bike threads are still available for posting... :)

ATK stands for A Thousand Kicks cause thats how many it takes to get the things going.

Rotax motors were obsolete in 1985.

I had 2 of the things in the early 90's.

Beez, that simply can not be true!

Like 'bama said, southerners can't tell a lie! If he says that the WR450 is defective, and that an XR400 puts out better power and has a more modern riding position, and that ATKs are the most durable dirt bike EVER, then IT'S ALL TRUE! :)

Go ahead, read for yourself! :D


I am still wondering where Old Alabamy is going to find a 257 pound xr400.

Doe's that include the motor Bamy? :)

IMO If you want to compare bikes, I think the only bike that compares to the WR450 is the KTM EXC. The KTM is higher priced and I bet spare parts are also higher. Not sure but I would also bet aftermarket parts are much slimer to find also. I just called a KTM dealer, he said the KTM EXC that he has left to sell will be in mid Feb. Well I might as well wait on my WR450. My first race in March 9. Glad I have not sold my RM250.

I am still wondering where Old Alabamy is going to find a 257 pound xr400.

Doe's that include the motor Bamy?

In fairness, nobody told Alabamy that the Yamahas are weighed WITH the motors in them. :)

What I do know is that if this "production hold" turns out to be true, none of you will be man enough to apologize for such childish remarks... BTW, congrats on your 15th birthday.... :) What I like most is all of the WR450 ride reports we got today, several dozen, and the numerous pics were great too. I am sure they are there.... somewhere... where are they??

As for the XR400, maybe you should ask Dwight Rudder what he thinks...

sure , i'll apologize.......who's dwight rudder and why should i care what he thinks ? if he races an xr400 he's paid to say what honda thinks . :)

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