BAD NEWS for WR450F....

this is a funny post!LOL? The wr 450 are coming today tomorrow or next week or month.Yes it will be heavy but fun and fast. Just because a rep says something it is not always true I was a factory rep for 4 years. I sometimes got more current new info from reading Cycle news than from my own manufacturer.Now turn off your computer and go Ride or a least work on your bikes.

Have a wheelie good day!

Alabamy Troll I have already had this same conversation with Old Dwight and unfortunately he is under the ether same as you. Must be a "Southerners never lie" thing.

Now is the xl forum still down? :)

Stoped by my Yamaha dealer today for some parts and he had a WR450 and WR250, both sold. The 450 was already in the back of the new owners pick-up, so yes the bikes are on the way.

SMD, hopefully you were respectful when you spoke to Dwight. His credentials are:

"Dwight Rudder

2002 SERA Sr.A Enduro Champion

2002 SERA Sr.A Hare/Scrambles Champion

XR440 Honda

Dwight Rudder

7 time ISDT / E medalist

7 time AMA Nat'l Enduro Class Champion"

He recommends the XR400 because he has won on it! It is a great bike..... I invite you to come ride the SERA. :) I should take Dwight's advice, but instead I will be going with the WR250F, as soon as I can find one....

I confirmed today, some WR450F's have shipped, and one was picked up in Utah. Most will not get theirs till MARCH .... I will have a WR250F in February... over and out...

Funny thing about respect, it comes when first given to others. :)

Funny thing about lying; when you're caught you still gotta lie.:)

BTW 'bama, there's a thead in the 250F about three WR250Fs available in January . Why wait?

Good luck. :)

Please enough with the negative vibes.

Lets all try to get along.

Last time we had problems with south you know what happened.

I'm way to busy to go down there.

Beezer, I simply advised the gentleman from the south of a thread regarding the model of dirtbike that he seeks.

Unlike his posts and boasts, mine was a statement of fact.

I made the post as a gesture of good will, and was not in any way negative. Considering the pandemonium generated by the trolling that occurred, this was most definately an olive branch.

I guess I'm just another damn yankee... :) ...and I'm too busy too. :D

I can't believe how many of you fell for this. Off road Honda guys are laughing out of jealousy of the new WR. My dealer has said all along he "didn't know sh*t about their arrival and he would call me when he knew something". He called yesterday and said they will be in on Jan 30. This is the internet, you know, you can't believe everything you read w/o a credible source. A Honda guy starting "Bad News for WR" threads is not a credible source. LOL.

I agree with you. The funny thing is, the guy persists despite the fact that he's caught in a lie. The other thread now reads like an X Files case for the WR - a UFO sighting. :)

I am a little hesitant to chime in here, but I think Alabama Rider might be telling the truth. I Talked to my dealers service manager yesterday and he said that there was a bulletin out on the WR450's. Problems with the crank. I was talking to him about my 01WR250's broken crank and that is when he mentioned it. I have a new 03WR250 on the way and he said those were not affected. Only the 450's. I don't want to bashed for saying this. I am just passing on the information. Take it for what you want.

First ya had a Honda interloper now ya have a Suzuki one.

I just talked to several dealers in the great white north and they don't know when they will get any WR450's,to date the one dealer has seen a YZ450 and that's it.Same story for some of the biggest dealers in western Canada(Blackfoot Motorsports in Calgary).Don't know if there is a problem with the bikes but they sure are not showing up when they were supposed to.

As to the weight of the WR450 I do hope it is close to the weight of the KTM450EXC otherwise it is gonna be too heavy.Riding a DRZ for a couple of years I've been there and don't want to go back.

Oh well I guess I can always buy a CRF450 and be happy!!



Be careful MN, they will KILL THE MESSENGER, on this website. I spoke the truth, they couldn't accept it. I told them what my dealer told me. I spoke to him again on Friday.. I asked, "Is there a production hold on WR450's, is so why won't they tell us."

he said, "Yes there definately is. They won't tell you because they would lose sales, you would buy something else. For example, if it were a "lot" of bad cranks, you wouldn't wait. The first WR 450 shipments went to California, Utah and Washington State. We don't know if those bikes were affected. They could get the problem fixed and resume shipping anytime. They won't tell us anymore."

This is a quote from your first post on this thread:

"He said no bikes will ship anytime soon." Now you've embellished that with a post explaining that CERTAIN states got the WR, and that Yamaha is unsure if it's A LOT of bad cranks.

So when you said that no WRs would be available until March, you meant except for the many, many WRs that went to three large states? You forgot Oregon and Arizona, by the way. :D

And when you said "production hold," you meant a possible production hold, because there may not be a problem? Or there may not be a problem with the first shipments at all, and Yamaha could fix the "bad" WRs that are yet to arrive?

Everyone saw your hoax, and now you're trying to change your tune. :) Isn't it funny how your new "specifics" would be hard to refute: the bikes may or may not be affected, those affected could be recalled easily anyway, the dealer doesn't have more info., etc.

I bet you inhaled deeply. I know you'd swear you didn't. :D Please, please continue. This is classic. LMFAO :D

Well you had better add Arizona to that list of states you said received WR450's I have seen 3 of them here so far. One in my garage and 2 others at the dealerships.

I just added that state, Charlie. :D

You must admit his hoax is at least getting more complex. Now it's "specific" states only. This guy is too much. :)

'Bama, from now on, I'll just nod and grin. You rule. :D

Cyclenut, why don't you stop your harassment and misquotes? If you read my post, here is what I said, "My dealer said again today, We won't get a WR450F until March, at the earliest". The story is some bikes were shipped before "production hold". Some dealers may get a few bikes, but most won't arrive till March.."

WHY DON'T YOU GET A LIFE? and stop insulting people, when you feel safe at your computer...

THIS is my LAST RESPONSE to your harrassment.. since I am sure you will misquote me again, I REPEAT....

THIS is my LAST RESPONSE to your harrassment.....


If it's true about cranks having issues on the WR450's, why hasn't the YZ450F been affected? I would think they would be using the same crank. What does everyone else think??

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