BAD NEWS for WR450F....

I saw a brand new WR450 today at Frandsens in Provo, Utah. It is already sold, but the dealer says no delays and no recalls!

Cyclenut, why don't you stop your harassment and misquotes? If you read my post, here is what I said, "My dealer said again today, We won't get a WR450F until March, at the earliest". The story is some bikes were shipped before "production hold". Some dealers may get a few bikes, but most won't arrive till March.."

WHY DON'T YOU GET A LIFE? and stop insulting people, when you feel safe at your computer...

THIS is my LAST RESPONSE to your harrassment.. since I am sure you will misquote me again, I REPEAT....

THIS is my LAST RESPONSE to your harrassment.....


Okay you guys, take it back down a notch, please...

The issue is dirtbikes, right? I know there is alot of tension around expected delivery of these babies. How 'bout we try to help each other through this painful anticipation instead of chewing each other up over it?


I just got back from throwing a leg over the new WRs, well it was about five hours ago. They are in at Chaparral which is in San Bernardino Ca. There's no recall according to them; BUT they are known to be big fat liars (in my opinion). Still though, people are coming in and picking up bikes that they had deposits down on for months. Just during the 45 minutes or so that I was there, I watched two guys wheel them to their trucks.

BTW, anyone who thinks the WR450 is just a blue DRZ (stated in some French Mag I think it was) is full of crap! Both the 450/250 feel just about the same if you are just sitting on one. And as a former DRZ owner I can tell you that there's no comparison. In fact, I got to test ride an '02 WR426 last week and the weight differance between it and the 450 is noticeable when you sling a leg over and tilt it from side to side. I'll bet that once your are riding the new 450 it feels way lighter than the '02. Still think I'm going to buy a YZ though.

Alabama, there are no misquotes on my part. I actually copied your words verbatim. There are no insults either. YOU in fact stated that others "won't be man enough" to apologize if found wrong. That sounds a little inflammatory to me. When faced with your own statements, you change your story.

As far as harassment, why don't you tell me about it some more. I make arrests for it routinely, and I am versed in other areas of law as well. You seem to be harassing the general reading public on this forum, according to your own definition. Grow some skin and lighten up.

Recognize that just as you dish it out, so should you be able to take it. Geez man, I only repeated your words. This is too easy.

As stated before, henceforth I will just nod and grin. If you'd like to discuss matters of law, feel free to PM me anytime. :)

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