Impeller issues

Ok so I just bought a pro circuit water pump off ebay. Impeller not included, pro circuit guys are being ******** saying i have to buy the whole thing to get the impeller. Question, my oem one will work just fine yes or no.....second, do any of you know where i can get just the impeller?



yeah b4 you used to be able to buy just the cover...i had to replace the water pump cover on my 05 from procircuit...i also have it on my 07 with the i thought to myself why not just buy the cover that usually sells for 120 rather than 180 w/ the impellar...motosport wouldnt allow me, so i called pro circuit and they were telling me tht its a whole new design that you have to buy it with the impellar cus the stock one wont i buy it for 169 on motosport...looks similar to the cover i had on my 05...

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