MSR upper Shock Bushing has an extra spring clip(I hope)


Tonight I took on the entirely too complicated job of replacing the upper shock bushing on my CRF450.

Eventually I was able to dig out the little "C" clip thing so that I could push the bushing out of the shock body and replace it. What was on there only used one C clip and there is no obvious place to put a second C clip either.

However the MSR "bushing set" I got came with two of them (the package even indicates Qty: 2). Since this kit was designed for more than just my '06 CRF, I assume there must be a version that requires 2? If that's not the case and I should have used both, I guess I'm still confused :-)

One thing I noticed too, is that whoever replaced the bushing last time (before I owned the bike) they put the seals in backwards. Certainly it's easier to install them that way since you don't have to get the lip over the center part of the bushing. That also doesn't allow any room for grease since the flat side of the seal is up against the bushing.

So, please someone tell me that my bike doesn't require two "C" Clips so I can sleep well.


if it only had one ,no need to worry about the 2nd one.

there's just one c-clip

Thanks... I was pretty confident about that, but you never know :-)

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