2008 TE 510 Flashing Neutral Light

The green neutral light on my 08 TE 510 (pu kit installed) has started flashing while in neutral and while shifting through the gears. The computer has also started to randomly switch between functions. The manual states that a flashing neutral indicates a problem with the fuel injection. The bike starts immediately and runs strong. Any experience with this issue?

My closest dealer is several hours away. Thanks.

did you try disconnecting the battery for a few seconds to see if it clears?

call the dealer?

Yes. I have disconnected / reconnected the battery and also disconnected / reconnected the computer. Unfortunately no change.

I have talked with the dealer and he is checking with Husky to see if they have a guess without seeing the bike.

I don't know if that would happen from washing the bike and not covering certain areas of the bike, but just in case, have you been washing it lately? Possibly with a pressure washer?

I'd try highmarkers suggestions first. Both of them.

EDIT: Good luck and keep us posted!


It wasn't a pressure washer but I washed the bike (nothing covered) just before the problem started. That was Sunday....if I got water into something do you have any guesses on how to address?


I always cover my entire handlebar setup with a trash bag as well as stick bags in the openings under the seat because I did have trouble with my speedo turning on and off intermittently for a few minutes once and my turn signals not flashing at all for a few days. I must've gotten the signal assembly pretty wet and it took a few days to dry out. After those few days everything just worked. I don't know that water anywhere would cause your trouble, but if I had just washed the bike right before this was happening, I'd be suspicious of that and start looking into whether or not the speedo could be taken apart to aid in drying out, or maybe just point a fan at it for a day or two. Maybe just some riding will help as well though? There are many others that are much more knowledgeable than I though, so give them a little time to chime in and debunk my theory and offer their insight. I think I've read about someone having a faulty speedo and had it replaced under warranty either on here.

If it turns out to be water, I've read about someone taking theirs apart and putting dielectric grease in appropriate places to prevent water from interfering. Might be interesting to do to alot of the connections and switches if you ride in wet conditions a lot.

djs756 - I had this issue on my 08 510 and it actually left me stranded on the side of the road. Acted like is was running out of gas. I ended up pulling the tank off and checking all my connections, noticed the harness that goes into the computer was not quite seated 100%, I pulled it apart and reattached it. I also put a tie strap around the far end of the plug that was creeping out. It fired right up, no more error codes and the issue has not came back since. Hope this helps.


I just want to confirm I understand the problem you resolved. The loose connection to the computer under your tank was causing the flashing neutral light in addition to other random changes on the instrument display...correct?

So far I haven't had any problem with the bike running except on Sunday the bike stalled several times when letting off the throttle. It would start right up once I hit the button again. Once I filled the tank (with 1.5 gallons) the stalling problem went away....I thought it was just the problem with the fuel pick up in the tank that I have read about a number of times....maybe not.

Thanks for your help.

Yes, I was getting a series of flashes on the neutral light while in gear and other funny business was going on with the instrument display, when I looked up the series of flashes in the manual it referred to a fuel injector issue.

My bike did start and run but under load would die and sputter. Sounds very similar, pay close attention to the cpu plug fitment.

most speedos are crook & get warranty replacement (incl: water probs)

9 of 10 will log a fault (or several) in open injector, connecting & disconnecting the battery (ign on) or a blown fuse can cause it, as well as ANY poor connections.

I'm now completely familiar with every wire connection and fuse on the bike including connecting and reconnecting all. No signs of poor, loose or wet connections or blown fuses. The bike also continues to start and run fine.

I still have a flashing neutral light but now the speedo won't switch functions at all. All other electrical things function fine. I'm beginning to think the speedo unit itself is the problem. The bike is still under warranty so the dealer is my next step unless anyone has any other ideas.

Thanks for all the help.

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