Switch to 4-stroke?

I currently ride a 2001 RM250. I only ride in the woods, usually with the kids. I have ridden his 06 cr125 a pretty good bit and love how lightweight it feels, however feel the need for power at times. The other day I rode a yz250f and it seemed to be the best of both worlds. 4-stroke 250! How long do these engines last with proper maintenence, and non race conditions? How much to rebuild ?

why dont you like your RM in the woods?

I like mine, except for the fact that I know it will require valves eventually. I really like the sound of having a 2 stroke actually, because they seem to last forever. If I were you I would not get rid of the RM because that sounds like a fine machine that will be valuable wherever you ride. I'm actually playing with the idea of switching to a 2 stroke.

It just feels like a tank. The 125 and the 250 4-stroke felt lighterweight and easier to handle. The RM is a 01 and has worn suspension, and other parts i'm sure. RM is a great machine, and very reliable, maybe i'm just looking for something newer. I even thought a newer 2-stroke 250 might be the answer, just trying to study up right now. Thanks.

You should get a two stroke and abuse the hell out of it..........They are really fun and the power is amazing......just do it ,.Dr.D.........

I've got a 2004 rm250 ..I made a few adjustments for enduro riding,...Got higher handlebars ,, a flywheel weight,,,,jetted it as good as I could for that roll on power,,, got soft metzlers on the ground ..Its a crude and rude machine but it's one machine that You can count on ......There is nothing wrong with having to much power.............Its good in the woods..........Dr.D..........

I rode 2 strokes most of my life. (air cooled 250's)

I got a Husky 510 last year for woods work and just couldn't come to terms with it.

Got a used Gas gas EC250 this year and I love it. Best bike I've ever been on in the woods.

I've owned 8 or 10 RM 250's over the years, if your fast on them in the woods stick with the 2 strokes.

Try a KTM, Gas Gas or a Husky woods 2 stroke, I think you'll love it.

for what you need a 250f is a great bike. And your right it will give you the lightness of the 250's with the torque of the 250s and more power than then 125!

I owned a 250f before i switched to a 450f and they have their beneifts.. the 450 is big and u gotta work to really wring it out but u might want to check out a 450 before you make any decisions.

450s are tanks, they tend to get hot in the woods and they are big $$$$$ if an internal part fails.

if i were you id look at a crf250x, it would have a E-start. its a good woods bike, just keep up on the valve adjustments. i like my kx250 because its light and i really have to abuse the clutch to make it over heat.

the crf has a silky smooth power delivery, i think youd like it. only down side is like any 4 stroke it will run hotter then the 2 stroke.

A 250F sounds good for you, like the guy above me said I'd reccommend you look at an enduro 250F instead of an mx one like the crf250x/wr250f/te250/250xcf. :D

i got both and use both for totally different riding

wr 450 open trails summer/sumo/commuter/existing paths and trails

kx250 for cutting new trails ice snow hill climbs basically the gnarly stuff

the 250f is a happy medium but no powerhouse and you have to run higher rpm's

the new 250-2t is a monster compared to the old days. but you need to stay on the pipe and do lots of woods friendly mods

How aggressive of a rider are you? I don't have much experience with 250 2ts, but I ride a YZ250F and with a couple mods I've made it into a hill-climbing, creek-swimming, boulder-eating machine. I can tell you however that a race bike (if you are more of a relaxed rider) is not the bike for you and would recommend a WR250F (do the free mods if you want power), 250XC-F, or a CRF250X (although those can be heavy).

Also, keep in mind that if you're riding tight woods power isn't everything.

my husband has a yz250f, and he has been happy with it. He just changes the oil, cleans the airfilter. I think some years are better put together than others. He had the 2-stroke yz, but he said it was too much work in the tight stuff. I love my wr in the woods, or anywhere else :lol:. My son got a yz250f when he was 15, now he rides a KTM 300, which my husband also likes to ride (they switch off), so maybe you might like looking at the 300--they say they like the smooth power and the grunt of the 300.

The 250f is a very happy medium between the 250smoker and a 125. The woods bikes(crf250x/wr250f) are both quite a bit heavier than their motocross counterparts, and would both be heavier than your current rm250. They do however come set up for offroad, with e start, wide ratio transmissions, headlights, heavy flywheel, etc. The moto versions are much lighter, just a hair over 200lbs dry and can be set up for the woods fairly easily. The honda crf250 is a nice bike to ride when it is running well but in stock form is very prone to valve train malfunctions. I know a few people who have had them, and everyone has had to completely rebuild a motor on them in pretty short order. I would steer clear of the honda 250f if you can.

If you like the light feel of the little 125 in the woods but want more power why not try out a KTM 200 exc? or even a 300 exc.

If you stumble across a used GasGas EC250 or Husky WR250 get one of those 'cause they are cheap Used. I wouldn't get a brand new one unless you plan on keepin' it foreveer

u would be going a step down if u got a 250f. i used to ride a tricked out 250 and i was looking at a 250f but it didnt hit as hard as my 2 smoke. so i got a 450. i think u should either go 450 or keep the 250 2 stroke

So many choices!! If you are going to use it for the woods a 4stroke 250 sounds like it would fit the bill for you, stick with WR, X, or EXCW. these are already geared for woods riding. I race a YZ 450 and had to do alot of modifications to tame it down for the woods. All i ever rode was 2 strokes in the past and at first I thought i made a big mistake when I bought the 450. The power is wicked crazy, it had issues of flaming out over logs but once I did the old homework on the new bike to fix the issues it is a awesome ride, you will have to learn a different riding technique for the 4 stroke, roll the throttle no blipping. As far as relibility I have about 80 hours on mine and have yet to do any major engine work, maitenance is the key for any bike, take care of it, check compressions, check valve clearances before they become an issue and destroy other internal parts. The 2 stroke is the easiest and cheapest to do a top end rebuild though. Good luck!

i also say stick with the 250 2 stroke for the woods. i own both a crf 450 and a kx 250 and id rather ride my kx in the tight stuff any day. the 450 is just a handful althought the 250f machines are not they just dont have what your 250 2 stroke has to offer you.

i just got a rm 250 and i like it better for the woods than my old dr250

Go with the thumper I say!! Much smoother.

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