1982 Yamaha XT 125 4 stroke

I just purchased my first dirt bike and I need to know all the indo I forgot to ask the seller. If someone could answer my question, it would be greatly appreciated.

-What type of oil does my bike, (1982 Yamaha XT 125 4 stroke), take?

-Are there any things I should do or look for?

-Would parts for it be expensive?

-Could I use a light setting on a power washer after a ride?


sb66 :D

I highly recommend you buying an owners manual and if you're wanting to do your own repairs a service manual will sure help, look on ebay.

Many parts can be found at the dealership but you can often find them used and NOS items on ebay.

If you use a powerwasher be careful, I know lots of people use them but that high pressured water can get into bad places if gaskets, o-rings, seals etc. are damaged and the results are not good.

Prices vary I sometimes pay way to much, but sometimes I get a good, but expect to pay to much.

Yep, owners manual is a great investment. Whoever recommended one of those to you must know what he's talking about!!! :D

Try 10w40 4 stroke motor oil :D

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