My mates CRF230F

Hey all,

My mates had a CRF230F for about 6 months now. hes 13, like me, but smaller and not as strong. His 04' 230F weighs a ton for him. So does anyone out ther know how to lighten it up with out spending a fortune?

Also, the front steering feels heavy, do we need to oil it or something?


Cjay :D

If the front end is heavy it is probaby because he has forced water with a presure washer into the bearings and they are rusting up. Replace them.


If the steering is feeling heavy it could be the jam nut below the top triple clamp. If that is to tight ( should only be 3-4 ft lbs) it would make the steering feel heavy. You may have also gotten water into the bearings/races, which can become pitted and adversely effect your steering. Whatever you decide to do, it's probably time to re pack the steering stem bearings with grease, and if they are pitted/rusting, replace them.

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