'07KX250F torque

Well after restoring my '00 kx125 i rode that,

then i jumped on my 250f and noticed how torquey it really was.

when i let off the gas completely and let it coast for a second, then get it about..7-10% gas. the friggen thing pulls so hard. that on hardpack wet tracks i always slide out!!!!!! this mostly happens in 1st-3rd gear..my bike is all stock except for a FMF 4.1 tip and K&N xtream airfilter. my friend has a yz250f that has no stock parts on it and he does not have this super low end torque... infact his bike cant even pull little wheelies untill you give it alot more gas.

idk i just find it kinda weird that i can pull little weelies with so little gas.

anybody else kxf like this???

btw my sproket setup is 12-48

and my friends sproket setup on his no stock part yami250f is 13-51( set for SX)

i dont get it.:D anyone have any explanations?

i think kawasaki motors are just amazing :worthy: haha but thats just me.

any realistic explanations? not a complete opinion? haha

try the 13/48 sprocket combo (stock?) and see if its more controllable for you. Its a reasonably cheap experiment.

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