Exhaust tip worth it

Just wondering, I will buy it right now if it is.


Im just wondering if it will help at all. Idc if it's only a little power, but I don't have money for a whole new exhaust. I ride at a track at my friend's house, and even just a little more power might help.

Nope! Save the money and put it towards a decent used performance pipe. Yosh, PC, BBR or Outlaw. If you hunt you'll get a used one for $100. I sold a really nice PC for that a month or so ago. BBR are on clearout special at $199 which is a great buy.

Like I said, not much money here. Don't feel like spending much.

Well if you don't feel like spending much, don't waste your money on a tip. It will do nothing of any significance. Save an extra $70 and buy a decrnt secondhand performance exhaust, open up the airbox and rejet if required.

That is the first meaningful thing to do with the DRZ ... anything less that you are wasting your time and money IMHO.

Your options are $30 on something that does nothing or $100 for a proper performance mod ... or just ride and enjoy in stock trim :worthy::D

Yea, Im not wasting my money to mod this thing

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