XR650R dual sport wiring woes

I just finished wiring up a dual output stator with one circuit running AC to the headlight and the other running DC to the Baja Designs switch. The set up has a battery and the BD relay to seperate the DC and AC circuits. Or at least that was the goal...

I've done something wrong because now it won't start. I've got fuel and compression, so clearly I've botched the wiring somewhere.


The wierd thing I noticed right away was the Baja Designs handlebar switch hi-beam indicator blipping to life when I kick the pig over. It'll glow solid from the battery if I hit the hi-beam switch, but when in low-beam position it still lights up and pulses when I kick it.

To the best of my understanding that shouldn't be happening. Any suggestions on which wires or circuits I should start chasing down as a likely culprit?

Thanks for your help in advance!

Check the wire that used to go to the kill switch & be sure it's not grounded. Try unplugging it from the BD harness

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