Dislocated shoulder and numb thumb

Dr. Mark,

Here is my story

My senior year in high school (6 years ago) during wrestling I dislocated my shoulder. I had it popped back in and the doctor took x-rays to see if anything was broke but it came out negative.

Since then my shoulder has slipped out of place, but not completely dislocate, probably about twice a year since then. The most recent was about 2 weeks ago while I was doing a waiters walk during a workout. Waiters walk is when you take a kettleball and hold it over head with your arm straight. The socket popped forward then right back into place. Overall it just feels like my left shoulder is less stable and weaker than my right.

On Sunday I went trail riding. It was very rocky. About three times that day it felt like my left thumb was getting shocked. On monday both of my wrist were sore from the rough trail. Monday night I was doing deadlifts, when on the way up it felt like my left thumb popped and my whole left thumb went numb. That was Monday and it is still numb today (Wednesday).

So after my rambling here are my questions.

1. Do you think that the numbness will go away eventually?

2. Do you think that my shoulder has anything to do with my thumb going numb?

3. What would you suggest to get my shoulder back to normal?


The numbness occurred because of pressure that the out of socket ball placed on the nerves to the hand.

It will go away in itme.

Get the shoulder fixed, and you won't have these troubles anymore.

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