Gearing and engine longevity

I searched - these topics are both covered individually in extensive detail, but not the effect of gearing on engine longevity.

Let's say I take a stock S (44/15 = 2.93) and go down 1, up 3 for E gearing (47/14 = 3.36). And let's say I drive 60-65 mph regularly (assume it's a long drive to the dirt for me and I don't want to swap when I get there). Sure, the extra revs are annoying.

Two questions:

1) Will there be ANY effect on engine longevity from the extra revs?

2) If so, would that effect exceed the difference in the ratios? In other words, it's about a 15% difference in gear ratio. Would you expect the difference in engine life to be greater than 15% because of the extra revs?

I think people worry way too much about revs vs engine life. The DRZ engine is of short stroke design which means that even at hi revs the piston is still not moving that quickly in terms of feet per second. Rev it and don't worry about it. I would put on the dirt gearing you want to run. Run it up to the rev limiter in 5th to find max speed. Then ride it about 20% slower than that. That will put you at around 7500 RPM. A very safe engine speed

Thanks Noble. Your answer is, of course, exactly what I wanted to hear. If 7500 RPM all day long will hurt my ass a lot more than the bike, I'm ok with that.

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