Hard to start. NEED HELP. VALVES OKAY.

Hi i cant get my 2006 crf 250 to start unless i bump start it. I already checked the valves they are perfectly in spec. Carb is getting gas. Im getting a good spark. Ive checked everything that the manual says to check.

Also this started to be hard to start after i took a nice endo.

Heres the link to me wen i crashed after this it would not start.

Man! Thats a good crash! ouch! Glad your ok!:D

I would have to ask are you sure you checked your valves correctly?Stone cold motor.True TDC not BDC and cam lobes facing towards the back of the bike.Not forcing the feeler gauges.

It was a good crash, im pretty sure that my rockgardn saved me a lot of pain.

It was a stone cold motor. Measured it correctly multiple times just to be sure. cam lobes facing back. So i have no clue what else to do. Only other thing is i might have bent the float in the carb from the impact, could that happen?

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