Cold weather re-jetting?

I am running an 08' DR400SM in the Seattle, WA area from sea level to about 1000ft. I currently have a full Yoshi rs-2 system (un-corked), with the 3x3 mod, K&N filter, Dynojet stage 2 kit, and the kientech fuel screw. Now that the seasons are changing it's getting pretty cold outside. The last couple mornings that I've ridden to work its been in the high 20's to low 30's and my SM feels a little more sluggish and even stalled twice under hard acceleration which it has never done before. Below is what I'm running for jetting (recommended by Eddie) that worked great this summer in 60-90 degree weather. My question is, do I need to change any of my jetting specs for cold weather riding?

Current jetting (factory carb):

160 main jet

dj needle

clip 2

dj slide spring

stock pilot jet (22.5)

2.75 turns fuel screw

no,they really arent that sensitive.

Maybe just my imagination then, since I'm not riding it as much as this summer it just felt different and when it stalled it was right after I had started it for the morning - blipping the throttle. I do notice for sure though that when it's cold out it does seem to backfire on decel more than normal. Thanks Eddie!

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