New to SM and got a flat rear couple of questions

Hi all,

i am new to the forum, just got an 06 DRZ 400 SM, today as i am leaving work, i notice that my rear tire was flat. I managed to get home without any problems but i want to get this fixed before i get back on it.

I read up a little bit and know that there is a tube inside. My question now is can i just change the tube without changing tires (the tire has about 400 miles on it).

The bike is parked in my carport, and i was wondering if i can fill the tube with some of those goo things pump it up and try and get it to the shop to get the tube changed. Any info would be of great help.

Also any recommendations on tubes i should replace this with? I do most of my riding on the street.

Thanks for any help.


If you rode on it flat I'd be concerned about the tire. Other than that use a "heavy duty" tube. The rubber is thicker and harder to puncture.

For an SM, you have limited choice of tubes that fit your tire size. Any tube of the correct size will be fine. Success with goo depends on the type of puncture. I don't like goo and niether do people that have to work on tires with goo inside. Block the bike up, take the wheel off and take it to a repair shop. If the tire is still good, just a tube will take care of it.

Thanks for the help.

i guess i will have to take the wheel off... and get my landlord to bitch LOL!

bike is in a carport.. and landlord doesnt allow you to work on vehicles while in the car port =|

but im sure she will understand my dilemna


Landloards don't like dead cars littering up the parking lot. They look like hell and are hard to get rid of. Talk to your landloard. A new bike with the wheel off for a day or two may be acceptable. Throw a cover over it to hide it from view.

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