is it or not?

is the kx 100 good for me to get. i weight 120 im 5'11 or 5'10 one of those two so should i get this bike or a different on. this is going to be my first 2 stroke and im good at riding with clutch and all of that good stuff. so is it?:D

get a 450, JUST KIDDING, how long have you been riding? and if you are that big you might just want to go for a kx125

I'd second the 125. At 5'10" you will fit better and have more fun on a big bike.

Try a 125; at 5'10" you'll be folded up like a pretzel on the 100.

im 6ft and i fit ok on a 100 not like a 125 but i can ride it pretty good,

and weighing 120 lbs the kx100 will for sure still haul your butt around,

i would say sit on one, find someone thats local and ride it for a little, im sure you can find someone local through TT or CL etc. that has a kx100 that will let you ride it,

i wanted to buy a cr125 once and asked the guy to meet me at the track to see if i even liked it i told him id pay him 50 bucks for an hour on it at the track kinda like a bike rental, well it was a 50 well spent as i didnt like the bike at all and got a yz125 instead, if i would have bought the cr without really riding one first i would have been disapointed and i would have sold it soon after i got it.

overall chances are you will like a kx125 more then a 100, but everyone is built different have longer arms legs etc. so sit on one or at least ride one before you make a choice to buy one:ride:

i was 13 and 5,5 probably 130. and i got a 125 i could barley sit on it, i think you would be better on a 125. also if you get the 100 your just going to have to sell it in another 2 years for a bigger bike anyway.

go with 125 for sure.

im 6ft and i KNOW for a fact that you will be crumpled on a kx100.

so go with the kx125!!!!!!

might i add they are very quick bikes :D

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