shock swap 06 to o1 cr250

I have had some help in here about this swap, most guys say the clevis is longer on this 06 cr250 shock, I tend to agree, but in some sites they say if you youse the 06 linkage it will work fine, actually giving the shock a little better angle. anybody hear of this?

Anybody have any pics on how to remove the clevis and replace with my 01 if the linkage does not work?

I'm new to the suspension stuff.



turn the rebound to fully out, let all the gas out, then the clevis is just held in place with a jam nut, you loosen the nut(taking care to note how many threads are showing) then holding the shaft with some soft jaws undoe the clevis,the needle may try to come out a little due to any air int he shock so watch out for this, clean the threads, apply a little locking agent(non permament) and thread the new one back on, lock down the nut with as many threads showing as before, regass it, check the rebound adjuster has approx the right number of clicks(many new ones are not exactly as the manual says(eg they say 18 but you often get say 20) check the shock feels smooth throughout the stroke(in fact do this before you let any gas out) if its not smooth it has air in and needs to be bleed.

Altune ,

Uhhh , why are you swaping the shock ?????

the 06 is low hours and already revalved by pro circuit.

so , for $145.00 I get a good shock.

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