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Starting issue

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So I headd up to PA for what I thought would be an epic riding weekend and I got less than three laps on the track and my 250 crapped the bed. GRRRRR!.

It wsa hard t ostart so I changed the plug which was spent and she came back to life. then after my second lap she started to sputter and I was able to get it back to the garage. While there I changed the plug again which was fouled. ( not good 3 laps and fouled) So now I put a new plug in and start her up. It had no top end at all. about 1/4 throttle before it would bogg down. First thought. The power valv was stuck because I was not using my Yama lube which i always use. So I started her up sprayed some fogger in the carb and after a while she came back to life. hopped on and got one lap in and endoed on a jump because I lost power at the wrong time. back to the garage. Ok So I drained all the gas out of my tank and the carb bowl. Put new gas in with yama lube and still had the same problem. Ok its not he gas. So I took off th carb cleaned it out real good and did find some minor issues. I also checked the reeds to see if they were cracked but other than the fact that they were soaked wit hgas. they were in great shape. Put it back together and same deal. 1/4 throttle then bogged down. I did notice that every time I took the plug out it was mow all wet, So now I am thinking it is an electrical issue. We called a buddy who has a honda shop and he had a whole electrical system for an 98 (which he says will fit my 99 and did by the way) So e ran over to the shop and got all the parts. He even let me borrow his puller. Took the entire elcetrical system off and put the new one on. started her up and............................... same issue. the one and only thing that I did not check. the spark plug boot. I started it ip and as i was reving the engine I pushed down on the boot. BAMMMMM! Money. Called my buddy and he was on his way up to us to ride anyway. he swung back to his shop and got me a new boot. put it on and sounded like a raped ape. Bad news was that as soon as i got it fixed I had to head back to NJ GRRRRRR so no riding for me the whole weekend..











So I took all the new parts off AND ATTACHED THE RUBBER BOOT. And that was my riding weekend. hahaha I thought I checked all the simple things before I went to the big issues. I wont make that mistake again.! I HOPE

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I had the same problem with mine last year i had to put new seals in the engine

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