Not understanding Valve Problem

I opened the top of the motor to see why it wont start.

When i put a feeler gauge on the font valve ( i think its the exhaust) it measuered .011. As for the intake valves the side of the throttle measures 0 nogap.And the other side is at .005. My question is what happened to the throttle side?

it needs a smaller shim to make the proper clearance. if the bike is new and never checked since the factory assembled, adjust shim and check in a few rides i bet you find that its all set.

The right intake on the CRF 250's is the one that always/most of the time goes bad first.Plenty of suggestions on why if you search "right intake valve".

Where and how do you figure out the proper shim for the intake?

I tried but i dont have Excel.

You need some kind of measurement or gap to use the spread sheet.Hot cams shims will move you about .002 a shim size.Normally when your zeroed out go down two full shim sizes that should give you a starting point if not end up where you need to be unless the valve is way sucked up in the seat.

Ill down lode it later so that i can fix it. Do you think that I should start replacing any other parts in there?

The site that Ewooc gave is very informative Because it has pictures. Ha ha Im going to attempt to do this week end. Is this shim a comman thing that is found in like Gp Spots Or Cycle Gear?

Most shops don't stock shims.The best thing to do is get a Hot cams shim kit That way you have the shims you need,and some shops stock them.Theres is a 250 and 450 kit.Try-ebay"hot cams shim kit"Or if you know the exact shim you want you can special order them from a dealer.

Perfect ....Thanks for all the help.

TT store sells both the kit, refills for the kit, or order from the TT Oem Store

I tried but i dont have Excel.

get open office it's free and you can open excel files.

Perfect ....Thanks for all the help.

A lot of the guys on the board have the kits. You can post where you live and someone will let you use the kit to see what one you need. Then just order that shim you used to replace it in the persons kit. :D

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