Snow where? Want to trail ride

Leaving Eastside- Richland Sat morn and want to hit some trails. Was thinking on going to Entiat but have heard there is 2-3" snow on top. Wanting to ride up lower Tommy and headed Billycreek/ridge/ etc,, mad river trail to Upper Tommy. Thinking snow on top may be a bad deal, so looking to head maybee to Naches? Would rather go to Randall but the length of drive for a day ride is a bit much. Any ideas? Snow not that bad in Entiat? All help appreciated!!!


My buddy and I are going to hit up Beverly Dunes tomorrow and possibly Friday too... Not a big area but he doesn't ride much and it's been a while so taking it easy at Bev

I've only ridden Beverly once and it was about 10 years ago. We usually ride Saddle Mountain next door once it gets closer to winter and we get some moisture. I have spent the spare weekends racing this summer and have missed the trail riding with the buddies so we are getting last minute riding in. Another couple of weeks and we may see some moisture so we can ride Juniper Dunes here at home.

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