2000 YZ125 Triple Clamps on a 2002 YZ250?

I was riding my 250 the other day and it decided to send me into a tree after a jump. Luckily i bailed before i tested the density of the tree, but my bike wasnt so lucky. It hit hard enough that one of the tabs on the lower clamp was scraped down by the tab on the steering column (probably wrong term). Now whenever i make a hard left turn, the aluminum piece wedges under the metal tab on the frame and i am stuck in a left turn until a give the handle bars a good hit to unstick it.

I have a set of clamps and a stem from a 2000 YZ125 and wonder if they would fit without a problem. Minor mods are fine.


thats funny months later here i'am wondering the same question???? But i guess nobody knows......

It should be similar, if not exact. Worst case would be switchign the stem. The bars may have moved forward during the time. You might not like that so much if you use the upper as well.

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