bleeding air out of my forks?

i know how to do this, but i heard from someone that i can get things to put in place of the little flathead screws that i onloy have to puch down with my finger to bleed the air out instead of digging for my screwdriver everytime. could someone direct me towards them?

Look on or

Ya check out ebay they have them for like $25. They all work the same so get the cheapest ones

the cheaper ones aparently will leak a liitle with pressure and thats no good.....but yeah the only thing is you cant use a remote compression adjuster....and your bars may hit it if there oversized

There are two different kinds. One's taller than the other, get the shorter, smaller ones. Less chance of them getting in the way. And BTW... they work great! :D

i think im going to get some soon

i have these, they work very well. i would get the shorter ones because i have had the longer one break when i fell and i had fork oil squirting out of the hole


where can i get those ones? the ones on motosport look to be to long. thanks

pit posse has them......motion pro has them too

the ones i have are moose

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