Zongshen 250cc Plated KTM wannabe

Just finished fitting the Glamis Electrosport kit to the 2008 Zongshen 250cc

It's my new commuter bike, runs 87 octane, delo 15w40, and 9 lbs of locktite :D

The seat is the worst thing about this bike, so hard and slim. Going to rework the seat asap.




It's street legal in WA, registered as 49cc (Even though I have my endorsement)

So far it's been a decent bike, I put my XR650R stock clutch lever, and CRF brake lever/cylinder. The stock levers are junk.

For $1200 I'm happy, it's a POS, but it gets great gas mileage.

For $1200 I'm happy, it's a POS, but it gets great gas mileage.

And that's all that really matters if its a spare bike and you've got others to run around on. :D

It looks like the XTM I've seen at my local track. After 3 laps on the pee wee track the guy had to stop and fix something on the bike. Would have been cheaper to get an older japanese bike that you could re-sell later or a medium-quality chinese like a Lifan.

I've had to "upgrade" many things on this bike. Mostly with spare parts from my XR650R. It's is stamped XTM on the frame, so I'd imagine it's the same bike. I would however, not take this bike to a track. I have a real bike for that, but they sip on gas around town, which the XR does not.

Granted, it get great gas mileage, but it probably wont last long enough to justify its purchase price. It gets around 65mpg and the XR gets about 35. For $1200, you could have purchased a LOT of gas for the XR (or any other "real" bike). Not ranting on you, I just always hear of people going out and spending more money to save on fuel than what they would have spent on the fuel in the first place. C'mon just admit it....You got it cause you wanted it, not to save on gas:thumbsup:

I admit it :D I did want one! However, I'll have to see how long it lasts. Your point is a valid one, but the china bike takes 87 and the XR takes 92. Also the XR on the street is wicked fast, and hard to stay out of the throttle. Speeding tickets also are a factor in this equation :worthy: The CBR 954 RR is another story all together.

If I get 10,000 street miles on it, I'd be happy. Only time will tell!

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