Iron on logos, Funny stickers etc.

I was just wondering where you can get iron on logos?

I watched xgames interviews this other day and saw the freestyle and supercross guys had some awesome jersey, I know their custom but if you know any site that sells them then please tell me :D

Preferably sheets, or just seperate logos or anything!

And where can you get some funny stickers and some stickers that has the same style as sikspak if you get what I mean?

Plus where can you get patches and logos for the riding pants?

I did a search and I know Factory Effex makes some. But not what I'am looking for. Too bad one industries doesn't make them.

Anyways thanks to anyone who helps out :worthy:

i would like some rockstar ones or monster big for the back of my jerseys

do you know if people can custon make some

you can make your own - they sell 8.5x11 sheets of iron on paper - printable by laser or inkjet.

Copy the logos you want off the web (you didn't just read that), paste them to Word, size them to your liking and print them off, cut them out and iron them on.

I made a really cool shirt for my son that way.

Oh yeah - they hold up real well too!

do you have a pic?

Just searched all my pics and no pics - It's basically a tshirt he wasn't wearing with 2 shadow freestyle MX'ers offset to one side on it that gramma gave him, I added

kawasaki_logo.jpg on each sleeve

monster_logo.gif on the chest like a crest.

Fox logo bottom left like the Jersey's have

The back has his name across the top, his number underneath, beneath that the AMA logo as well as another monster logo.

It's now one of his most treasured shirts and uses it as his "pit shirt" for in between motos.

I'll see if I can't remember to snap a few pics of him wearing it this weekend at the races.

make sure to reverse the image though, otherwise it will come out backwards on the shirt.

the iron on works great, i have made a few shirts that way. You got to be pretty firm w/ it kuz sometimes it can come out...well not perfect. But it is fast,easy, and inexpensive.

make sure to reverse the image though, otherwise it will come out backwards on the shirt.

depends what you're printing on - the "paper" I bought was white - to be used on Colored shirts _ the shirt I worked on was red. You can also iron this onto black shirts.

Only buy the clear iron on that requires reversed images for WHITE shirts otherwise any color in your shirt will obscure the same color in any images you may add or completely change other colors.

Thanks for all of the suggestions!

By the way would be great to show some pictures so I can get the idea of what it looks like?

So it's better to buy iron on sheets and print them with a standard printer?

I just have a standard colour printer, will that work?

And you can have any logo?:worthy:

Thanks a lot ! :D

Btw where can you usually buy this stuff? Bookstores and where they sell office supplies etc?

anyone knows how to make your own stickers ?

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