First Ride 09 Crf250!

Well...... I just bought my 09 CRF250 still in the crate last night. Picked it up today and already Rode it like i stole it. I just jumped up from my 04' 250f and DAMN. What an improvement over the last 5 years. I was Hitting the rev limiter, flat landing it and givin her all she's got... No problems what so ever. Corners very Nicely... Especially coming out of them. Front brakes felt much stronger and controlled. And there is nothing like the feel of fresh throttle and Clutch Lever :D Anyways... If ya got any questions Hit me up!


enjoy it !!!!

Post some pics! :D

yes pics!

Nice. Ride the crap out of it and shows some pics!!!!!!!

how is the power compaired to the 08, what about suspension

what other differences can you feel compared to the 04 besides brakes? someone around here better buy an 09 cause i want to ride one now :D

Post some pics! :D

+1 dude!

Bermsaw: The power should be the same as the 08. If you look at the changes that honda did on the site it is very minimal. Basically lighter rotors and minor head mods.

New cylinder-head combustion chamber shape improves power in the lower- to mid-RPM range.

New longer exhaust header is tuned to work in conjunction with the new cylinder head for improved power.

New four-dog transmission gears, revised shift drum and shift drum arm produce more positive shifting.

Reshaped works-style 240mm front brake rotor is 1.3 ounces lighter. Front disc guard is smaller, lighter and vented.

New 240mm rear brake rotor features works-style pattern and is 1.0 ounce lighter. New plastic disc guard saves 4 grams of weight.

New gray-color magnesium cylinder-head cover, clutch cover and left sidecover.

New handgrip design is 3mm longer.


Jumping from a 04 to a 09 would be, well, amazing for how the bike works for you. Just wait till you get the suspension dialed. Congrats on the new ride :worthy::D

TWMX review of 09crf250r mentioned the bike ran well with more bottom end and the forks had new valving that worked better

Well..... I guess i broke this bike in pretty good already. :D Went for my second ride yesterday and came up short on this jump that we were lookin at and thought it would be possible. The way our track is setup it was from the side of one Jumps take off to the face of another.... pretty good gap. Well......... I tried it, came up short and landed on the top of the jump, bounced off ( about 10 to 15ft drop) and hit head first to the ground. Friends (always smart to have someone there) said they finally got me woke up after about 3min. Got me in the truck and took me home, dropped my crap off, then to the hospital. Nothin broken luckily, just a decent concussion. Now my new bike is scratched :ride::ride::ride: :ride:

I'm going to try and wash her up today and get some pics :worthy: Work Probably wouldn't want me drivin there '08 Kenworth T800 after all that so i got some free time...

glad to hear your alright after that sucks about the bike tho

would ya have cleared it on a 450

would ya have cleared it on a 450

Oh ya.... I can clear it on my 250f... I know i can. Just need to fix the rut in the jump, and a little bit more twist. I'm going to try it again the next time i go out there.... I'll post results. :D My friend got video of it.... Cell phone quality so its not the greatest.

glad to hear your alright after that sucks about the bike tho

Tell me about it. One thing i love about new bikes are fresh fenders and my front fender, shroud and graphics are scratched. :worthy::ride: I think i am going to get a new front fender and put the scratched one on my 04 to sell it. :D

ouch hope your ok sounded bad

Dude, you think that is a big difference....

I went from a 2001 YZ250F to an 08 CRF250R.

The difference almost made me cry. :D

lucky, sorry to hear about the crash, hope she ain't too badly damaged

Thanks To all! :D Pics Coming Soon :worthy:

Thanks To all! :lol: Pics Coming Soon :p


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