Maxxis Promaxx

hey all,

so, i picked up an excel/talon setup and desperately needed a rear tire for an upcoming ride this weekend. for the life of me, could not find a local retailer to have, in stock, the right tires/price in stock.

supermoto is in demand!

so, i had heard that maxxis made a great dirt tire and one local shop could get a maxxis promaxx in a day, so i went ahead and bought it.

has anyone used this tire. i assume it will probably suck in the traction area, but i'm not a fast rider. i'm more concerned with commute life with the occasional twisty rides.

i got a 150/70/17 rear.

here's a pic:


so, i ended up with the promaxx and so far it's been great. it's a good gripping tire.

i'll find out for sure tomorrow. doing a nice ride in the AM, mt. hamilton, mines, 84 (sf. bay area), so it should give me good stats.

i've never heard anyone around here to use this tire, but for the money it seems great.

pilot power in the front :D

how much was it?

i got it for 107, but that's just because i needed it the next day. i looked online and seen that they sell for $80-90.

1st actual ride in SM trim an on this Maxxis and it was great on dry road, but as soon as i got into some wet weather roads they slipped up here and there. it was a fairly rough and bumpy road so i don't know if the combo of wet and bumpy placed that tire out of its league?

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