Dirtbike in the trunk of my car?

Hi. Long time lurker, 1st time poster.

I'm going to (hopefully) pickup a rolling 2002 KX125 frame this weekend. Basically the whole bike minus the motor/exhaust; rest of the bike is there.

I know this'll sound like something a crackhead would ask but if I pulled the frontend and swingarm off the bike do you think I could fit the whole she-bang into the trunk of my 1986 Monte Carlo? I'm thinking yes, the trunk is huge, but maybe I'm overlooking something. It would be a 3+ hr drive to get this thing so I'd really like to be sure. Surely somebody here is familiar with 80's GM G-body cars and could maybe offer some insight?

I considered renting a van from hertz or something but I'm thinking I can make this work, save some cash, and run my car that normally just sits in the garage collecting dust. I've been looking all over for a deal like this (want to build a KDX/KX hybrid) and I'm afraid it'll be gone if I don't jump on it.

i think it should work, you might have to pull the rear subframe,

the forks and front tire should fit well in the backseat, make sure you bring a tarp or something,

why not just rent a truck at like enterprise? last time i rented a truck for 1 day local it was 60 bucks at enterprise picked it up at 9am and took it back at 5pm.

Enterprise can be a good deal for this idea-I've rented PU's from them for $50/day, unlimited mileage.

But, if you pull the forks out of the clamps, remove the subframe and swingarm, it should fit into the trunk no problem.

I put a rolling chassis KX 60 into the trunk of a Saturn SL2 by removing the forks only.

I've seen it done before, a full size bike in a small hatch. Renting a pickup would be easier I would imagine.

If there is a will, there is a way...especially when it comes to getting your bike to a riding area. Case in point, the famous video of a honda on top of a car that fell off or the picture in dirtrider mag a month or so ago of a guy that took his trunk lid and window out and cut the rear speaker deck to accomodate the bike sans sub-frame in backwards.

But...how have you been getting your bike around all this time? That type of car can easily support a class 1 hitch and a small trailer from harborfreight...about the same cost as renting a truck for the weekend.

This reminds me of the time i seen a whole bike hanging out of somones trunk on the 91 freeway in corona. It definatly can be done!

When I was young my brother in law put my xr100 in the trunk of his caprice. we just shut the gas of and bungee corded the turn lid down. It worked just fine.

Be sure & get us some pics. Good luck. Take plenty of rope and a few ratchet straps.

I think it should fit, I had a 1985 Oldsmobile that I could almost fit the whole bike in the backseat

I knew a guy that came to the track with a cr 250 in the back of a jeep. He just removed the forks and rear wheel.

You could just roll the bike up to the trunk... lift front tire into trunk...tie bike up well...and pull it home like a trailer. :D:worthy:

I don't think it would fit in a trunk but idk maybe because of the type of car. It would seriously make a lot more sense to rent a truck and you should consider buying a truck if you're gonna be into dirt biking.

I put my yz 250 in the back of my 79 rabbit 2 door with the rear seats out no problem :)

No tires and forks/bars makes the front end nice. I didn't have to pull off my subframe/swingarm but if you did the profile of the frame becomes pretty small. With the right tools you can break down a bike pretty quick, bring tarps to wrap stuff in and keep the grime off your car.

I tore apart my 2000 KLR 250 and put it in the back of my 96 Buick Century to move it from NY to NC, hardest part was compressing the forks enough to get through the door.

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