anybody got a Pitster xjr motard?

I have seen alot of good stuff on here about the x4 motard but not alot on the XJR 90 motard for the money it seems hard to pass up. I would like to know how the bike would be for just kinda screw'n around the street no jumps or crazy stuff just kind of a moped but way cooler.

The more money I save the happier the wife is!!!! She has to put up with my never ending toy buying(ninja 250, v-star 650, xr 100, 07 rm 250, honda ruckus and joyner mini buggy) when the UPS man drops of a small bike in a box $900 may get me a few less cuts and scrapes then $2000!:D

I am also interested. Wonder how fast they are.. I'm not sure if I should buy an xjr now for the low price or wait to see what 2009 holds.

I am also unsure if the smaller xjr would be more fun around town or the larger pitsters to go on faster roads.

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