Hi everyone i have a slight problem? i hav just run my bike after putting on a new platinum 2 pipe and there is alil spooge comin out the front not alot jst a little, is this is prob and yes the gasket is in.

im racing tmro so fast responses will be highly appreciated


My guess is that it was spooging with the other pipe as well. Probably the jetting but check the basics first. Premix ratio (32:1), air filter, sparkplug, air screw, power valve, etc.

Regardless, a little spooge isn't going to hurt anything and certainly shouldn't stop you from racing. Best of luck. :D

Good luck, rip it up.:D

One other thing, make sure that your premix is fresh. Gas evaporates, oil doesn't so it's going to spooge/smoke more with old premix.

I would run 40:1 runs excellent

I use white teflon tape, wrap it around the front of the pipe where the orings are, 3 or 4 times around. Reinstall the pipe. Also, I use red gasket sealer where the silencer slips onto the pipe to keep anything from escaping there as well.

I hope that answers your question and helps.

Good luck

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