Stalling 250sx-f

Hi everybody my brother just picked up an 06 250 sx-f what an amazing bike, anyways it starts fine and idles great but if u crack the throttle open quickly the bike just cuts out, if you rev it up slowly and it is in the high revs and crack the throttle it runs great. When we ran it before we picked it up it never had this problem. are we missing something?

thanks for the help

It sounds to me like there may be an issue with the accelerator pump. When you are opening the throttle quickly the AP may either throwing in too much fuel and flooding out the motor or it is not opening enough and the motor is starving for fuel and dying.

I would start with taking the carb off and giving it a good cleaning. Make sure to pull the side cover off and clean the accelerator pump linkages.

Just so you know, this is just a good "guess"timation on the issue at hand, but I hope that it gives you a good place to start!

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