What are the notches for on friction plates

just took my clutch apart and noticed that some teeth of the friction plates have a little notch in the center. What are their function?

For oil to get between the plates.

is it wrong that i lined all these up when putting the clutch back together haha?

I'm not sure if it is wrong, but your plates may not be getting enough oil between them.

i cant really see how notches could put that much oil into the clutch anyway. when the lever is out there is no oil between them, when the lever is in the basket moves what, 6mm? easily allowing sufficient oiling.

if they really were for lubrication purposes clutch plates would have angled fins.

I'm pretty sure the manual reccomends lining them up when reassembling.

Im sorry, they ARE suppose to be lined up, my old bike ran a dry clutch system and were not suppose to be lined up.

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