xr250 clutch free play setup

I have a 2004 XR250R which is having trouble shifting into 1st when hot. I've read a few posts on the clutch free play possibly being incorrect. Can anyone advise the best set up for my clutch freeplay (or why else i'm having this problem)?

Cheers people

did you fix that problem? what was wrong? i experienced the same problem this year, replaced the clutch during the winter but haven't tried riding it yet. the old clutch wasn't really worn, though, so i dunno what might have caused the issue.

Yes it does. I've adjusted the free play at the lever to around the lower limit the manual says. About 10mm. And I think I'll decrease it even more. But I wonder what was the original problem of the topicstarter.

I've had this happen to me, I removed my clutch cable completely, I injected WD40 on the sleeve, then engine oil, then more WD40, no matter what I did, it was hard to pull... (twisted or beat up on the inside sleeve maybe)... After all the oiling I put it back on and it worked fine... However I did order a new Motion Pro clutch cable, just to be safe.. I will be installing it next weekend, I'll let you know how it worked :banghead:

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oh yeah, I've also replaced the cable with a Motion Pro one. just to be safe. I use silicone spray to lube the cables. there's some thought that the current plastic-lined cable outers don't need lubing at all, and some people run their cables completely dry, but I still think the cables at least need some cleaning and rust protection. silicone spray definitely wouldn't hurt the plastic, is thin enough to not interfere with the cable function, and doesn't seem to attract dust. any cable or even off-road chain lube will probably work well, but i'll stick to silicone.

Its a while ago but in the end i think i filed down the indents on the fingers in the clutch basket. They get indents over time which stop the clutch returning smothly. That seemed to sort it. No problems since.

Heard that thing about the indents. I've actually put a new Hinson billet clutch basket in, so I shouldn't have these indents for a while :banghead: Glda to hear you sorted it out.

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