Diff.between '07'KLX250 & '09' KLX250??

Help,need advice,looking to buy a leftover '07' KLX 250 street bike,the

new '09's just came out...the plastics look different,the rotors are wave

front and back,but other then that I can't see any other difference,the salesman had no idea either:bonk: ..can any one tell me if there is a mechanical difference with the motor,frame,etc.? THX ED

When I looked at an 09 (I have an 06..same as 07) I noticed a few things:

It is a little bit smaller/shorter.

Digital guages on 09 (I love my sweeping tach/speedo and mechanical odometer)

No luggage rack on 09.

Kawasaki may have fixed sloppy shifting problems 06/07 had....jury is still out.

Less suspension travel on 09.

Closer ratio between 5th and 6th gear on 09.

There has got to be some other differences. A side by side comparison has got to be somewhere.


Maybe the Kaw web site?

Slightly less travel front and rear, digital instrumentation, thicker spokes, 6th gear is brought down closer to 5th, no more factory handguards or rear rack.

significant changes on the '09 from swingarm to wheels and spokes to carb settings to suspension valving, tires, larger radiators, better lighting, larger tank, better brakes, larger rear brake, better brake line routing, no more TPS on the carb, better seat, flatter handlebar, all new controls, updated transmission, dual tripmeters, digital clock, etc. Read this to get the specifics. I've had both, and '06 and now an '09. The '09 is smoother in transmission shifting, and more responsive in stock form. I've got full Muzzy, jet ket, 13-tooth, etc. It runs really good. The '06 is a good bike too, but that bike is going on 15 years old in design. The '09 while similar, shares but the frame and engine. Everything else was either changed or redesigned.



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