big gun exhaust? do the still use the oval muffler...

has big gun changed the style of their exhaust systems because the picture that used to be on there sight is gone and it looked like this one only im not shure if it is the evo r or evo x but anyways do they still use this design for the 03 klx 300r? because some pictures i have seen are of a round tube like muffler being the evo r ans evo x...

still use oval- but no longer produce the EvoX. it's now just the EvoR. but according to BG, the only differences between the two are the materials of the header. the R uses stainless steel where the X used ceramic coated mild steel. they no longer make the EvoX. some of the nicest fitting exhausts around. I had an X on my '06 KLX250S and it made ungodly amounts of power. I'd had got another one on my '09 but I found a used Muzzy full for $100 and couldn't pass it up. a few hidden mild dents in the header pipe, but otherwise it's like new. sounds and makes comparable power to the BG I had.

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