YZ426 will not kick

I can't get my YZ426 to kick over after a short ride this weekend. The bike stalled while turning around and I heard a weird click after this the bike won't kick for anything. :D The bike has been running great with no noises or problems. I just installed the AD hotcam about 5 riding hours ago. The bike had plenty of oil and was not running hot. I have removed the valve cover thinking that maybe the recent cam install had something to do with it. Everything looks normal. I drained the oil and did not see any metal shavings or anything weird. Could it be a bearing? Piston seized? What can I check before I take it in to the shop?

The first question is whether the engine can be rotated by means other than the kick starter. If you can rock the trans into 2nd or 3rd, see if you can get the engine to turn by pushing the bike either direction. You can also try a wrench on the flywheel nut through the timing hole. If the engine will turn by these means, the kick starter itself, or one of the gears behind the clutch, has failed. Otherwise, it could be any number of things.

Thanks for the feedback. Where is the timing hole? Pardon my ignorance.

Ok. I got a wrench on the flywheel nut. It turns about 45 degrees each way and stops. Any thoughts???

it sounds like its hydro locked to me if you have a drive way put it in neutral get on it get a running start then slip it into 3gear and pop the clutch.. my buddy did the cam mod to his and his locks sometimes and thats how he gets it going again..that is why i will never do the auto decompresion cam mod i like knowing all i have to do is pull in the little triger and compresion is gone..:D:worthy: hope this helps

It would be great if it were that easy, but I have already pulled the plug so I am fairly certain it is not compression that is keeping it from turning over.

Well, one thing you know is that it's broke. Pull it apart, then you won't have to speculate.

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